Beginning of Day 4

Yesterday I did some GUI stuff:

  • switched the sidebars to be just HTML divs instead of drawn to canvas cells like the map
  • implemented mouseover tracking and redrawing (for future use in e.g. targeting spells, mouseover info)

Otherwise, the main task was adding support for items.  Using items on oneself is now fully supported, and there are a few basic items for keeping yourself alive.  I implemented the "potion of speed", which was a real pain since it required making it possible for the player to take multiple turns in between NPC turns, and adding UI to make it clearer how long you have before the next NPC turn, etc. I'm working on the "firewall" spell right now, which is targetable - you can cast it but it doesn't actually have any real effect yet.

I'm planning to move to a different approach to damage - blood, bleeding, and pain, rather than just health. This feels more thematically appropriate and interesting, e.g. if a powerful attacker slices open an artery, you need to quickly disengage and deal with the bleeding, pain, blood loss, etc., but you don't get ground down by enemies as much otherwise.  Pain is more flexible as well, since it can be a persistent effect of certain modifiers, e.g. you have an arrow stuck in your shoulder that you're going to have to deal with at some point. Probably high pain levels will cause you to lose turns randomly.  The "potion of analgesia" will probably be a temporary effect if you need to delay dealing with crippling pain for a few turns.

I feel like progress was a bit slower yesterday, probably due partly to increasing complexity, and partly because I had to think more about game design.

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